How To Get Up From Skiing? Follow 5 Our Steps

Anyone who has ever participated in skiing will find it all too common to fall while skiing. Falling is an inevitable part of skiing, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned skier. But do many people know how to get up from skiing? Once you know how to position the skateboard, you’ll find that standing up takes technique rather than strength and there’s really nothing to worry about. This post will provide you some pointers.

How to get up from skiing properly?

Standing up is something that many beginners find very difficult. The most common cause of this problem is that they don’t put themselves in the right position before trying to get up. If you accidentally fall while sliding, there are a few tips to get back up easily.

How to get up from skiing properly?

Step 1: From whatever position you are lying on, the first thing you need to do is bring yourself to the side of the skateboard. Trying to get up off the back of the skateboard is extremely difficult. Then you need to make sure that your skateboard is level with the slope with your body on the slope relative to them. Just like when you set up your skateboard, you don’t want to start sliding when you get up.

Step 2: Then you need to bring your body as close to the skateboard as possible. This is because when you try to get up, you only want to push yourself upwards if possible, not sideways. If you try to get up normally from a lying position, you don’t do push-ups but try to throw your body upright, you bend your knees to push the vertical person as low as possible and then stand up.

Step 3: Now you are ready to get up, although the problem is not over yet. To get up, you need to push yourself through the middle of the skateboard in a crouched position before you can stand up. To do this takes a few things: You need to be able to propel yourself over the skis without your arms reaching out, and you need to put your weight forward through the ski boots, not behind the skis. You need to raise your downhill arm so that it lies diagonally down the slope and over the ski boots. This brings your weight further in the middle of the skateboard and means you won’t have to push yourself up so far.

Step 4: Bring your arms uphill and place your hands on the snow as close to the uphill ski run as possible. We need to get our hands as close to the skateboard as possible or when we try to push up, our arms will stop extending before we push our body over the skateboard. Not putting your hands close enough to the skateboard is one of the most common mistakes people make when trying to get up.

Step 5: Finally, use your ascending arm to push yourself up so that your body crosses the skateboard, keeping the descending arm out to make it easier and stay in the crouch position. Now you can stand up straight and get back to skiing.


What to prepare when going skiing?

  • Helmets, wool hats, scarves
  • Goggles: protect your eyes from wind, snow, and ultraviolet rays …depending on your needs, decide to buy or rent. If you buy, buy one with 2 layers of glass, the glass will be less foggy.
  • Inner clothes: when you slide, you will feel warm. Ski wear is also very warm so underneath just wearing sweatpants, t-shirts, sweaters/hoodies is enough.
  • Gloves: should buy a pair, not too expensive, just the right size
    Socks: wear knee-length pairs to protect your shins.
  • Skateboards and skates
  • Accessories: camera, camcorder
  • Food: next day’s breakfast, snacks, snacks and related drinks
  • Miscellaneous items: sunscreen, flu medicine, salonpas, bandages….

What to prepare when going skiing?


To sum up, Skiing is an interesting and attractive sport that is loved by many people and everyone spends an annual holiday on this sport. In the process of sliding will inevitably fall times. This article has given you step-by-step instructions on how to get up from skiing properly. For beginners, this does not need to be too important, but it is definitely a skill. Hope it will be useful for your enjoyable skiing experience.

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